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I’m so happy to welcome you to The Young Professionals’ Lounge.

Edifying young minds so they find authentic happiness, understand human dignity and contribute to a flourishing society, requires work and inspiration.

With the help of our generous supporters, we provide a range of programs to help young professionals thrive on their journey to become leaders.

We are grateful for every one of our donors and volunteers who make this work possible!

Pat Weidemer
President/Board Chair



Professional Mentorship
at a New Level

YP Lounge’s mentorship program pairs young adults with skilled and seasoned professionals who believe in a culture of life.

While there are mentorship and career programs in Vancouver already, few focus on all aspects of life, such as career, life, family, marriage, and the care of the common good.

Each of our mentors possess a life affirming stance to respect life from conception to its natural end. They are available to provide career pointers, open doors to professional opportunities, and inspire mentees to develop innovative solutions to problems related to beginning of life and end of life issues.


New to our Young Professional Series is
the “YP Spotlight”

The YP Spotlight Series gives young adults a chance to hear from other young professionals who embrace a culture of life.

Each quarter, we spotlight young adults from various disciplines and fields, whose work is essential in building a culture of life. This lively forum is the heart of the program where young adults gather and meet over an exciting evening to build community and inspiration.

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Principles & Choices
Curriculum for our youth
in High School

On top of the many challenges they face, our high schoolers are confronted by a world of relativistic ideas. How do we provide them with sound judgement that will set them up for life?

We’ve introduced to several high schools, The Principles and Choices Curriculum, which is an acclaimed respect-life program developed by Healing the Culture Institute.

These students master ten principles of logic, ethics, and justice that inspire them to live with purpose, moral integrity, and care for human life.


Past YP Spotlight Topics

– Are strong women happier and more successful?
– Are conservative values more risky to express in the workplace?
– Young adults panel discuss the movie, “The Dating Project”.
– How doctors and pharmacists navigate culture of life challenges.
– A law professor discusses: “Are we sabotaging our democracy?”

Young Professionals are Encouraged to read The Book:
The Ten Universal Principles.

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